2015 Interior Design Legislation

For current information on legislation locally or nationally please visit the following websites:

The NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association) has a legislative website which provides up-to-date legislation for all 50 states, go to: www.capwiz.com/nkba  

CALBO (California Building Officials) now has a tracking system that is updated automatically: http://custom.statenet.com/wheeler/
NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) tracks bills nationally at http://www.nari.org/industry/advocacy/action-center/


2014 Interior Design Legislation

AB2192 is DEAD

June 24, 2014 - The California Legislative Counsel's office let us know of a request by the author to cancel the hearing of AB2192 before the Senate Transportation & Housing Committee.

What this means is that the office of the Assembly Member Melissa Melendez, the author of this bill, has pulled the bill from the agenda and the bill will no longer be heard.

This means that Bill AB2192 is dead. 

We want to thank all of you who sent letters to the committee members opposing this bill. It truly does make a difference when you take the time to write and talk with your representatives on legislation that can potentially affect your ability to practice.

CLCID will continue to monitor all legislative activity that affects your right to practice.


2013 Interior Design Legislation

SB-308 Legislation Update

The Governor signed SB 308 (Lieu – Gordon) on September 23rd, 2013, which will become law on January 1, 2014.

SB308 will stand as passed by the Assembly and the Senate with minimal amendments. What this means is that we were not able to add the clarifying language to help building officials understand what we do. Unfortunately, in some jurisdictions, the building officials’ interpretation of Section 5800 of the Architects practice act will continue to be an impediment to designers’ ability to pull permits for their projects which causes undue inconvenience and additional costs to consumers.

SB308 made the following amendments to the Certified Interior Designer law:

  • Extends the certification statute to 2018,
  • Requires Certified Interior Designers to use written contracts when providing design services,
  • Requires the Interior Design Certification Board - CCIDC, to operate their board meetings in compliance with the Bagley Keene Open Meeting Act,
  • Clarifies that interior designer and interior decorator are not titles that are protected from use by non-certified individuals, and
  • Codifies the use of the appellation “CID” to mean Certified Interior Designer.

All professional interior designers and interior design organizations have an ongoing responsibility to educate the Building Departments and CALBO regarding the level of education and knowledge required to be certified in California. Certified Interior Designers and other interior design professionals are qualified to create interior plans that are nonstructural, non-seismic, that are consistent with conventional construction methods and protect the health safety and welfare of the public.

The Interior Design Sunset Bill SB308 has passed the Senate Appropriations Committee by a vote of 7 to 0 and has now moved on to the Assembly.

To view the Bill and see the legislative process, go to http://sunsetreview.assembly.ca.gov/  and Bill Search SB308.