Study Group

California Capital Chapter will offer members the opportunity to participate in a certification study group this spring. The study group will meet for approximately 12 weeks and cover the requirements for the AKBD, CKD/CBD and CKBD exams.


Download,  fill out and return form to

For other information, please contact
Communications Chair, Carrie Boesch,  CKBD, CID

As a certified designer or professional through NKBA, you will not only have your professional skills acknowledged and validated, but you will also be recognized as a leader in the industry and gain access to numerous benefits from the profession. Understanding that members need a place to begin, the CA Capital Chapter is offering a FREE study group to those members working towards the goal of becoming certified. We will be conducting an 12 session program free to all attendees, led by an NKBA designer.

It is strongly recommended that participants have a copy of the Kitchen & Bath Professional Manuals.  Manuals are available from  Student members are entitled to a great benefit as they are able to purchase the manuals at a deep discount from  Minimally, participants need to have a set of the flashcards or the flashcard app.

Our chapter has a complete set of the Kitchen and Bath Professional Manuals that are used to create the exams and will be used throughout the Study Group. Study Group participants have first rights to check out the manuals, if they do not have their own.

The following topics will be covered, one per session, allow 1.5 hours per session:

  1. Orientation - Bath Planning
  2. Kitchen Planning
  3. Kitchen & Bath Systems
  4. Project Management
  5. Design Principles/K&B Products
  6. Kitchen & Bath Drawing
  7. Business Management
  8. Residential Construction
  9. Review/Practice Exam

Note:  AKBD Exams are given at numerous testing facilities throughout the U.S. year-round. Please contact NKBA Customer Service at 800.843.6522 to verify individual eligibility for the exam, obtain an application packet, order materials and to determine exam locations and times.

The CKBD exam is in two parts:

Step 1:  CKBD Drafting

Once your CKBD application has been approved, the NKBA will email instructions for completing and submitting your drawing requirements. The CKBD application requires a set of eight (8) design drawings including: • Kitchen Floor Plan • Bath Floor Plan • Kitchen Elevation Plan • Bath Elevation Plan • Kitchen Construction Plan • Bath Construction Plan • Kitchen Mechanical Plan • Bath Mechanical Plan

Drawings to be completed with CAD software of choice or with hand drafting skills. Both CAD and hand drawings must meet the presentation standards outlined by the NKBA. Candidates will have 72 hours to complete all plans. All plans must be submitted electronically in pdf format to the address given in your instructions. Scoring of drawings is identical for either method and evaluated by an expert committee of jurors (see Scoring). The purpose of the drawing submission is to test the skills necessary to design and plan a residential kitchen and bath solution and demonstrate advanced technical skills required to succeed as a kitchen and bath design professional.

Step 2: CKBD Exam

The CKBD Exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions that test problem-solving skills faced by professionals in the kitchen and bath industry.  The purpose of the exam is to test the knowledge and skills necessary to design and document a residential kitchen and bath solution and demonstrate advanced communication skills required to succeed as a kitchen and bath design professional.

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